The transformation created through the practice of Yoga makes us less miserable to be around. Personal development begins when the mind, body, and breath are connected. 

What people are saying about Be Yogalini:

"Alyse is fabulous. I am very beginner, and she created the perfect experience to take me on my first journey into Yoga. She has a very calming voice that easily described the complex (to me) postures and paid close attention to my movement to ensure I was focusing my weight properly. She's conscious of my needs the whole time, while giving me space and freedom to move. I'm taking classes wherever I can, I would absolutely recommend her!" 

be yogalini san francisco yoga student

Krista Muir,
Marketing Programs Manager, Demandbase

"Alyse is a natural at teaching yoga. The first time I ever tried yoga was with Alyse, and she eased me right into it. Especially considering my lower back issues, Alyse knew what she was doing and helped eliminate any intimidating feelings of a first-timer. I will definitely return to one of Alyse's classes and recommend them to anyone looking to begin, continue or master the challenging art of yoga. Thanks Alyse!!"

be yogalini beginner yoga student

Jon Paz,
Salesforce Consultant,

"Alyse not only is an inspiring teacher, but she also practices what she teaches. She is very dedicated, knowledgeable, and practices yoga six days a week."

be yogalini private yoga student

Tiago Correa Pereira,
Business Development – 
Strategic Accounts,

"I'm so grateful to have experienced Alyse's teaching! She has a lovely gentle way of guiding a class that relaxes the student even when the practice gets challenging. Her instructions are clear and her attitude is uplifting – everything I look for in a privateyoga teacher!"

private yoga class be yogalini student

Jasmine Hall,
English Teacher,
Brighton Hall

Alyse Speyer yoga instructor

Alyse Speyer demonstrating a headstand.

"I have been practicing yoga regularly for about a year and a half and have taken classes of varying paces and styles. What stands out to me about practicing with Alyse was her sensitivity and her ability to tailor her sequence to my needs, ability and time constraints. She's attentive, supportive and a nurturing and nourishing teacher. Her adjustments are spot on, and, mostly importantly, I feel happy and refreshed afterward."

private yoga san francisco student be yogalini

Monica Villavicencio, 
Writer and Editor

I got the BEST private yoga lesson from Alyse Speyer. I have done yoga in the past and really hated it, but Alyse's lesson was fantastic. She is knowledgeable, professional, and a great teacher. So if you live in San Francisco and are looking for a good yoga teacher or would like private lessons for a reasonable price, Alyse is your girl! We did some great stretches, and I'm so happy that I can touch my toes again.

yogalini student san francisco

Liza Chudnovsky,
Academic Human Resource Analyst, UC Berkeley