Your Private Yoga Instruction

Private yoga lessons at Be Yogalini are a great way to deepen your practice and excellent for shy beginners to get started in a safe and comfortable environment. Your lesson will be customized to meet the needs of your body and level, beginning with an assessment of your experience with Yoga and understanding of your thoughts and feelings regarding the practice.

What to expect

Private yoga sessions are 90 minutes. During these private yoga classes, Alyse will work closely with you so that you receive all the benefits of ashtanga vinyasa yoga in the comfort of your home, office or a studio space.

All you need to do is be ready to breathe.

Yoga is a practice and exploration into your own physical and emotional awareness. It is a moving meditation that can be done at your own pace and in the absence of expectation and competition.

With Alyse’s guidance, your yoga practice will evolve in ways that will support your back and joints, promote inner peace, and provide you with a healthy sense of self-awareness. You will learn breathing techniques, alignment, internal support locks (bandhas), and how to modify positions to meet your level. Alyse teaches private yoga for beginners and advanced students. 

be yogalini private yoga teacher alyse speyer Why choose a private yoga class?

Private yoga lessons allow you personal, one-on-one time to ask as many questions about your practice and movement, focusing on alignment, fitness, or relaxation – whatever your body needs that day.

Having a private yoga practice is a great way for beginners to set up a strong foundation and understanding of yoga and their own bodies. 

You can choose when and where to practice – at a park, in your backyard, at your office, or anywhere that feels right. Alyse will provide the equipment necessary for your private yoga instruction. Any space big enough for a Yoga mat is perfect.

To schedule or inquire about a private yoga class, contact Alyse:
(650) 918-7209