About Alyse Speyer

After spending more than nine years at a desk working in start-ups, Alyse found yoga to be a source of inner peace as well as a necessity for the well being of her back, posture, and joints. She has since helped students learn to integrate yoga in their daily lives, alleviating back pain, anxiety, and tension. 

Alyse is a passionate and dedicated private yoga instructor, practicing six days a week and teaching her students how to discover their own yoga practice and potential. Yoga is about toning the body and releasing tension in order to regain control over the mind-body connection.

With her keen interest in anatomy, Alyse has been able to help students discover new and unique ways to modify traditional yoga postures to meet the individual needs of her clients. Everyone can experience the benefits of yoga through private yoga sessions.

Alyse completed her 200-hour Yoga teacher training at AstaYoga in San Francisco, CA a subsidiary of It’s Yoga International. She has been practicing yoga for over seven years.

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Through her sustainable technique, Alyse will provide you with an understanding of the inner workings of Yoga and what you can do to awaken the inner teacher within. The human body is capable of amazing things; all you have to do is show up and breathe. The rest will happen before you know it.

Many of us in the tech industry spend hours upon hours at a computer, slowly tightening muscles, creating tension and problems throughout the whole body. 

Yoga is a practice that one can take with them anywhere in the world and at any age. There is no end to how much you can learn about your own, changing body as you walk through different phases of life and different phases of your Yoga practice.

Learning how to sequence internal locks (bandhas), breathe (prana) and eye gaze (drishti) is an art and a science. Together, we can master the art of transformation through Ashtanga Yoga at Be Yogalini.